Report numberRA-2015-009
TitleManual Instruments road safety monitor
AuthorsTherese Steenberghen
Anuja Dangol
Diederik Tirry
Valerie Dewaelheyns
Published byPolicy Research Centre for Traffic Safety 2012-2015
Number of pages43
Document languageDutch
Partner(s)Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Work packageWP1: Data & Indicators
The improvement of road safety in Flanders requires insight in the existing traffic safety conditions on the road as well as in potential and actual policy impacts. The analysis of various data provides valuable information for this purpose. However, the data are often fragmented and managed by different stakeholders and also at different policy levels. Harmonization of heterogeneous data in a consistent set of traffic safety indicators can help improve the understanding of influencing traffic safety factors and allow for more proactive policy. The resulting set of indictors not only includes accident statistics but a balanced mix of end-effects, context, performance and policy indicators.
The purpose of Work Package 1 of the Policy Support Research Center for Traffic Safety is to develop a consistent and coherent set of road safety indicators accessible through the Traffic Safety Monitor of Flanders. The Traffic Safety Monitor has 3 main functions: first, to provide impact- and environmental indicators for insight into the traffic situation and the driving forces or spatial conditions affecting traffic safety. Second; the monitor is a tool to support evaluation of the policy objectives as well as evaluation of effectiveness and efficiency of policy measures. Finally, the monitor also serves as a communication tool to report the traffic safety progress to policymakers and specific target groups.
This report is a handbook for The Traffic Safety Monitor instrument. The following themes are covered: a short introduction, system design, installation, operation, strategic management, operations management, publication of indicators as Linked Data. This handbook is primarily intended for application-managers and developers with expertise in the development and management of GEO-ICT systems. The software used for the monitor is open source. The handbook is developed as a Wiki where various managers, developers and users can add and edit the information. This offers the opportunity to further development of the monitor as an open tool in the future with multiple users such as research institutions, governments, organizations, businesses ... and to document these developments in a common Wiki.
This report is a snapshot of the situation in April 2015. The content of the report was generated by publishing the Wiki page an e-book.
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