Report numberRA-MOW-2011-035
TitleOptimizing and updating mobility policy instruments from an environmental perspective
SubtitleFinal report
AuthorsKoen De Baets
Laura Clerix
Pieter-Jan Kröhle
Dirk Lauwers
Johan De Mol
Georges Allaert
Published byPolicy Research Centre for Mobility and Public Works, track Traffic Safety 2007-2011
Number of pages88
Document languageDutch
Partner(s)Universiteit Gent
Work packageOther: Sustainable transportation

Environment policy is already included in mobility management in Flanders. However, it is often implicit and there is a lack of structural measures. In the theoretical section of this study, the effects of mobility on the environment are considered, on which scale the problems occur and what the possible measures could be. Apart from the theoretical study, 18 governmental and municipal officers were interviewed. The interviews show that local measures with an environmental benefit are actually measures that are primarily meant to solve problems of traffic-safety or traffic-liveability. Instruments to measure the quantity of environmental pollution and the effectiveness of measures on local scale are needed. The mutual knowledge and cooperation between mobility and environment on the governmental and municipal scale could be better.


The case studies of local mobility plans, company transport plans and mobility impact assessments have revealed the existence of 75 measures being used in the Flemish practice to reduce the environmental impact of mobility.


A quick scan of the European collaboration about local mobility policy has shown a number of relevant good practices of effective measures in this area.


Providing measure-instruments to the municipalities, creating a central information point and a better link between the programme of the Flemish Environmental administration (LNE) and the local mobility plans … are some tools that could improve the integration of environmental issues in mobility management.

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