Report numberRA-2004-31
TitleRisk analysis of regional roads outside the built-up area
SubtitlePart I: Literature study
AuthorsFrank Van Geirt
Published byPolicy Research Centre for Traffic Safety 2002-2006
Number of pages72
Document languageDutch
Work packageOther: Infrastructure and space

This report covers the first part of the risk analysis on Flemish rural roads.


In chapter 1, a description is made of the targets of the investigation, the way of working, the restrictions and the investigation reasons. An overview about the continuation of the risk analysis is given. Some safety parameters for Flanders are included as reference values for further investigation.


The actual definition of the research  area is being made in chapter 2. The most important infrastructure characteristics are described.


As of chapter 3, the planned literary study starts. First, we investigate the Flemish norms and directives.


The international literary study is continued in chapter 4. Reference countries are the Netherlands, Sweden, United States, Finland and others.


The effects of infrastructural measures, found in the international literature, are collected and presented in table format in chapter 5. A division is made by linear profile, cross section and junctions.


Chapter 6 combines all criteria. A comparison between the (inter)national and Flemish recommendations is made.


Conclusions and recommendations are given in chapter 7.


The remaining chapters contain the list of abbreviations and used references.

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