Report numberRA-2004-39
TitleEffectiveness of infrastructural road safety measures
SubtitleLiterature study, data up to 2003
AuthorsSara Reekmans
Erik Nuyts
Rob Cuyvers
Published byPolicy Research Centre for Traffic Safety 2002-2006
Number of pages126
Document languageDutch
Work packageOther: Infrastructure and space

Since there is a need to collect systematically references concerning the effectivity of traffic safety measures, the Policy Research Centre on Traffic Safety’ build a well-structured database. In this database, references, results and details about methodological issues on the effectivity of infrastructural traffic safety measures are gathered. In the first place, this database is a tool for researchers to store and to find easily information. The database as such is too large to print in a readable way. It can only be read electronically.


Based on all these references, this report is written as a printable draft of the database. In this report, we group the different measures in categories, and summarise the most important results for every group. We formulate some clear rules of thumb concerning the different measures.


In appendix 1 of this report, we present all the individual effectivity numbers that are stored in the database. We give the reference of the study where we found the result, and give the most important details of the methodology used.


In appendix 2 of this report, we describe in detail how researchers should fill in the database, and how guided searches can be done.

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