Report numberRA-2005-53
TitleLiterature study into the effects on road safety of a reduction of the speed limit of 50 km/h to 30 km/h.
AuthorsPeter Princen Peter
Published byPolicy Research Centre for Traffic Safety 2002-2006
Number of pages25
Document languageDutch
Work packageOther: Infrastructure and space

In Flanders, the 30 km/u speed limit is already used in a so called “zone 30”. The effects on traffic safety of these zones have not been extensively investigated. In several European countries more research has been done into this subject. This study wants to present an overview of European research about the effects on traffic safety of a reduction of the speed limit from 50km/u to 30 km/u in selected areas.


Special attention goes out towards the different effects of infrastructural measures that are used to support the 30km/u speed limits. These measures can be very limited or more extensive. Also, from European research some lessons can be learned about the conditions in which a 30km/u speed limit is possible or needed and about the criteria that can be used for selection of 30km/u-areas.

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