Report numberRA-2006-81
TitleTraffic enforcement by administrative fine
SubtitleA law and economics approach
AuthorsLiesbet Deben
Published byPolicy Research Centre for Traffic Safety 2002-2006
Number of pages50
Document languageDutch
Partner(s)Universiteit Hasselt
Work packageOther: Handhaving

There are several manners to enforce compliance to traffic legislation. Liability rules as well as regulation are different ways to coerce traffic participants to submission to the law. In the cases regulation is the preferred method, the desired behaviour can be controlled by criminal penalties. However administrative fines can also be used. Because the latter might be implemented at lower costs, an investigation to the costs of both figures has to be carried out. From a law and economics perspective there has to be determined whether the administrative traffic fine contributes to social welfare. Therefore the costs of the criminal and the administrative fine have to be determined. Likewise, there has to be investigated under which circumstances the administrative and the criminal fine have an optimal effect. When both factors are known, a comparison of both fines can be carried out. Taking into consideration the particular circumstances, an underpinned opinion about the utility of the administrative fine for the enforcement of traffic legislation can be formed.

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