Report numberRA-2007-115
TitleDatacenter for road safety in Flanders
AuthorsFilip Van den Bossche
Published byPolicy Research Centre for Traffic Safety 2002-2006
Number of pages32
Document languageDutch
Partner(s)Universiteit Hasselt
Work packageOther: Knowledge traffic unsafety

Over the past years, Flanders made considerable progress in the field of road safety.  This evolution goes together with an increased attention for data collection, processing and storage in this domain.  The success of a road safety policy is to a large extent determined by the knowledge and the expertise of the policy makers involved.  The coordination of and the access to recent and relevant data are essential in this respect.


To evaluate a policy against pre-defined objectives, and to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of road safety measures, the government should be able to appeal to databases that include as much aspects of the road safety problem as possible.  This argues in favor of the development of a data center, allowing all those concerned to consult road safety data, to judge its quality, to analyze trends and to assess introduced measures. 


This report is a follow-up of an earlier document of the Policy Research Center for Traffic Safety (Van Hout et al., 2004), in which an overview was given of the data that are frequently used in road safety research.  In the first place, the critical success factors for a data center are listed.  Next, a conceptual model developed by Wegman (2001) is presented, and some experiences from foreign countries are presented.  In a subsequent step, conceptual models for Flanders are discussed. 


Based on the study, recommendations are made for the organization of road safety data in Flanders.  The key aspects are an increased attention at the strategic level for the organization of road safety data, the listing and linking of relevant data sources, the continuation of the development of the Flemish ADA GIS application and the development of a platform to store, maintain and consult the necessary data.  An important finding is that, provided the necessary investments are made, Flanders has substantial means to develop a full data center.

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