Report numberRA-MOW-2009-004
TitleIntelligent Speed Adaptation
SubtitleFrom Trial Support to Public Support
AuthorsSven Vlassenroot
Johan De Mol
Karel Brookhuis
Vincent Marchau
Frank Witlox
Published byPolicy Research Centre for Mobility and Public Works, track Traffic Safety 2007-2011
Number of pages23
Document languageEnglish
Work packageOther: Sustainable transportation

Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) is a beneficial Intelligent Transport System (ITS) to increase road safety. In 2002, thirty-four cars and three buses were equipped with the “active accelerator pedal.” The results showed that the pedal assisted them well in upholding the speed limits and that the system increased driving comfort. Data analysis showed a reduction in the amount of speeding. Besides the research on the effects, the trial was used to gain more support of the general public, decision and opinion makers. Nowadays the focus is shifted to define the acceptability by the public to get a better implementation. A general research framework consisting the social and cultural factors and the device related characteristics that influence acceptability is constructed.

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