Report numberRA-MOW-2009-005
TitleThe development of an instrument to support local road safety policy making
SubtitleState-of-the-art and conceptual model
AuthorsHans Tormans
Tom Brijs
Davy Janssens
Geert Wets
Published byPolicy Research Centre for Mobility and Public Works, track Traffic Safety 2007-2011
Number of pages57
Document languageDutch
Partner(s)Universiteit Hasselt
Work packageOther: Policy organisation ans monitoring

In this report, we discuss the conceptual idea of the development of an instrument that assists local authorities in enhancing their traffic safety policy. Based on a state-of-the-art review of existing models and instruments commonly used in the private and public sector and taking the principles of Total Quality Management into account, we build up a tool which positions local road safety policy on a ladder of development. To define which rung the administration has reached, both organizational and operational aspects of road safety policymaking are being considered.

Standardized questionnaires are being set up to gain insight in the organization’s performance and in order to get a clear overview of the way the local policy is drawn up and brought into practice. Based on its defined current position, we pinpoint critical domains of interest and shortcomings of the current course of action and we indicate which (Travel Demand Management) measures, modifications and techniques should be considered in order to raise the level of performance of the administration’s road safety policy.

The tool is intended to guide local authorities in bench learning, i.e. in learning from each other’s and own internal best practices. The ultimate goal of this research is to generate an instrument which shows local authorities the way towards the highest rung of the ladder of development: the level of Total Quality (Road Safety) Management. The instrument is currently under development and will be rigorously tested in practice. This paper discusses the theoretical background, the conceptual model and the ambitions of this tool.

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