Report numberRA-MOW-2009-016
TitleSustainable Transport and Traffic Safety
SubtitleTransport policy initiatives and their possible impact on traffic safety.
AuthorsLevi Vermote
Published byPolicy Research Centre for Mobility and Public Works, track Traffic Safety 2007-2011
Number of pages69
Document languageDutch
Partner(s)VUB, PHL, UGent
Work packageOther: Policy organisation ans monitoring

The leading transportation mode is not sustainable. Individual motorised transport causes congestion and emissions, which puts pressure on environment, economic welfare and quality of life. Reducing congestion and emissions must prevent global climate change, air pollution and loss of productive time. More individual car use results in increasing car accidents. Developing sustainable transport alternatives is of crucial importance in the modal shift and improvement of traffic safety. This paper discusses policy implementations for sustainable transport alternatives and their possible impact on traffic safety.

A qualitative approach explores congestion-reducing measures in The Netherlands, France, Germany and The United Kingdom and their possible link with traffic safety. An exploration of these policy measures results in recommendations for the Flemish transport policy.

Four categories of congestion reducing strategies are discussed for the four countries. Each category policy initiatives has a significant effect on transport sustainability and traffic safety.

Initiatives that reduce the need for transportation contribute to sustainable transport and sustainable traffic safety. The Flemish Government must integrate sustainable spatial planning with transport alternatives. Furthermore, a completion of teleworking is urgently required.

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