Work package 1: Data & Indicators

This work package consists of the collection, analysis and dissemination of data and indicators concerning traffic safety. These analyses will be used to develop a road safety monitor for Flanders on the one hand and to produce a yearly road safety report with respect to road safety and its underlying factors on the other hand.

Contact person: Prof. dr. Thérèse Steenbergen 

Project 1.1: Road Safety Monitor for Flanders

In this project an instrument will be developed: the Flemish Road Safety Monitor. This project aims to initiate and to promote an interactive user community where data, analysis techniques and results are developed, applied, updated, discussed and shared. It will be developed as a digital, user-friendly GIS tool package to support policy making in the field of mobility and road safety in Flanders. This requires domain ontology and semantics, data (and meta-data) harmonization, the development and integration of analysis tools in a GIS, systematic documentation and communication tools (FAQ, forum,...).

Contact person: Prof. dr. Thérèse Steenbergen 

Project 1.2: Annual road safety report Flanders

This second report deals with the analysis of indicators over time. In particular, a yearly road safety report providing an up-to-date overview with respect to the road safety situation in Flanders will be composed. This report provides more insight in the profile of the people involved in accidents, the type of collision, the profile of offenders, the enforcement efforts, etc. A separate analysis will be performed for particular groups of road users (such as cyclists or children). Furthermore, by including the same basic set of indicators each year, conclusions can be drawn in terms of evolution (towards targets) and policy impact.

Contact person: Prof. dr. Elke Hermans 



The Policy Research Centre for Traffic Safety carries out policy relevant scientific research under the authority of the Flemish Government. The Centre is the result of a

cooperation between Hasselt University, KU Leuven and VITO, the Flemish Institute for Technological Research.


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