Centre of expertise in Traffic Safety

The Research Centres for Policy Relevant Research support the Flemish government by carrying out scientific policy research on top priority policy themes. The Centres are established as interuniversity collaboration of research groups and institutions. Click here for more information on the Policy Relevant Research Centres (information only available in Dutch).


The Policy Research Centre’s activities are:

  • Collecting, analyzing and disseminating data (also on a longitudinal level)
  • Carrying out scientific research concerning specific problems (short-term)
  • Carrying out policy relevant scientific research which is relevant to the Flemish policy on a longer term
  • Providing scientific support

The specific goals of the Policy Research Centre for Traffic Safety are:

  • Data collection
  • Short-term research on various policy matters
  • More fundamental scientific research on the subject of traffic safety

Research in 5 work packages & valorisation of the results

Contentwise, the Policy Research Centre for Traffic Safety carries out research in 5 work packages

  • WP1: Data & Indicators
  • WP2: Risk analysis
  • WP3: Human behaviour in relation to system components vehicle-environment
  • WP4: Development of road safety measures
  • WP5: Ranking and evaluation of measures


More on the research focus per work package and on the general operation of the Policy Research Centre for Traffic Safety is provided under 'research'.
Within the framework of a Policy Research Centre, valorisation is mainly interpreted as the transfer of research results to actual implementation in the Flemish road safety policy. Consequently, clear links can be seen between valorisation and dissemination. The valorisation of research results will be obtained by publishing research reports, writing articles for scientific publications and participating in conferences, symposia and workshop/educational programmes.

Third generation Policy Research Centre

The mission of the Policy Research Centre for Traffic Safety consists of carrying out policy relevant scientific research on traffic safety in Flanders, authorized by the Flemish government.

When comparing population numbers, every year there are more road casualties in Flanders than anywhere else in Europe. The risk of a fatal road accident per person is even twice as high in Flanders as it is in the safest European countries: the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

It is therefore clear that Flanders still has to catch up with neighbouring contries and has to increase efforts to further lower the deathly and seriously injured casualties. Further measures have to be developed, tested and planned. To be able to take the right measures, thorough scientific research is indispensable.

Therefore the activities of the Policy Research Centre for Traffic Safety 2002 – 2006 (1st generation) and of the Policy Research Centre for Mobility and Public Works, track Traffic Safety, 2007-2011 (2nd generation) will be continued by the 3rd generation Policy Research Centre for Traffic Safety 2012-2015.



The Policy Research Centre for Traffic Safety carries out policy relevant scientific research under the authority of the Flemish Government. The Centre is the result of a

cooperation between Hasselt University, KU Leuven and VITO, the Flemish Institute for Technological Research.


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